Building Bridges - Ghana

January 2012

The members of the Board of the Nurses on Tour Foundation have returned from their field trip in Ghana. Last year (2011) has been a dynamic, successful and eventful year with significant changes. Nurses on Tour in Ghana is now officially registered as a Non Governmental Organization which will hopefully result in positive advantages in our future ambitions. Moreover, there has been a major development in the capacity of local participation. With three board members, two project supervisors, three project coordinators and about twenty volunteers the organization in Ghana is ready to expand and to reach out to more deprived communities in the Upper East Region of Bolgatanga.

Back in the Netherlands the Dutch board prepares towards new projects. One of the major projects of 2012 will be the building project of Nurses on Tour Coordination and Sustainability Centre. With funding from Foundation Bazaar, Grijpskerke, Nurses on Tour aims to more sustainable development features and a more independent organization. This requires a lot of effort and demands active participation of all the volunteers of Nurses on Tour both in Ghana as in the Netherlands. Together we want to make a change in the lives of the most vulnerable people.

We hope you want to support. Whether this is found in material, financial or personal support we invite you to contact our organization.

Ghana: mail to  or call our office +233241493607
Holland: mail to or call our Secretary: +31615400006


Activities and news from Ghana

Welcome to this new feature on our website: News in Ghana. The Nurses on Tour foundation is active in the Netherlands but mainly in Ghana. What is happening in the field? Which developments are taking place in Bolgatanga? When were previous out-reach programs planned and how many women and children are reached during these programs? In brief, what is Nurses on Tour doing in Ghana? As of today you can follow all our developments in Ghana via this link!

Keep a sharp eye on us!



Number of villages: 52

Number of distributed bed nets: 6596

Number of NoT volunteers: 24

 Update: 6th of september 2010

Rixt and Kim in Ghana

The most recent volunteers who worked in Ghana for the Nurses on Tour foundation are Kim and Rixt. These two incredibly hard working students worked with complete dedication and devotion to bring our activities in the picture. All registrations that were initially processed manually with pen and paper have been entirely digitalized and well organized in a transparent document. Furthermore, they did several  baseline measurements in remote villages and various villages were visited for health education and distribution of insecticide-treated bed nets.

Ladies, we want to show our sincere gratitude for your faithfulness and hard work in Ghana! Your work is of great value to our foundation.