Building Bridges - Nurses on Tour Holland

January 2012

The members of the Board of the Nurses on Tour Foundation have returned from their field trip in Ghana. Last year (2011) has been a dynamic, successful and eventful year with significant changes. Nurses on Tour in Ghana is now officially registered as a Non Governmental Organization which will hopefully result in positive advantages in our future ambitions. Moreover, there has been a major development in the capacity of local participation. With three board members, two project supervisors, three project coordinators and about twenty volunteers the organization in Ghana is ready to expand and to reach out to more deprived communities in the Upper East Region of Bolgatanga.

Back in the Netherlands the Dutch board prepares towards new projects. One of the major projects of 2012 will be the building project of Nurses on Tour Coordination and Sustainability Centre. With funding from Foundation Bazaar, Grijpskerke, Nurses on Tour aims to more sustainable development features and a more independent organization. This requires a lot of effort and demands active participation of all the volunteers of Nurses on Tour both in Ghana as in the Netherlands. Together we want to make a change in the lives of the most vulnerable people.

We hope you want to support. Whether this is found in material, financial or personal support we invite you to contact our organization.

Ghana: mail to  or call our office +233241493607
Holland: mail to or call our Secretary: +31615400006


Foundation Board Members of Nurses on Tour goes from four to three

September 2009

After one and a half year of hard working, Chantal decided to give up her job at the board of the foundation Nurses on Tour. Chantal had been working on the promotion and the activities of Nurses on Tour. Recently she graduated for the bachelor degree Nursing and started with a fulltime job as nurse in a hospital and didn't have any time left to work for Nurses on Tour. Because of that reason she decided to stop her work for this charity foundation, but of course she will be present at the background to work for the foundation as a volunteer. Chantal, on behalf of the board members: Thank you so much for all your dedication, devotion and your enthusiasm last year!



Hiking four day march - Nijmegen

July 2009

Monday July 21 was ready to happen: Ellen Ringelberg en Simone van Pelt (See was a volunteer in Ghana for Nurses on Tour) started a hiking trail after a very long period of training and preparation. Many weeks of training throughout the wind, storm and heat. These two girls joined the Hiking Four day March in Nijmegen July 21 – 24. They walked 20 kilometers a day, all to support charity organizations. They collected donations from family and friends. If they are able to accomplish this mission, they will donate all money to Nurses on Tour! Good luck with hiking and you can do it!


Christmas activities: Nurses on Tour

December 2008

Even in the chaotic December moths foundation Nurses on Tour is being active, just before three members of the foundation leave to go abroad again. Raise funds for the malaria projects in the northern part of Ghana. January 9th Joyce van Dullemen and Lisette Pleijte will travel to Ghana and continue the project, make evaluations of the past year and start up new developing programs. Together with all the money which we collected last year we planned to make a lot of improvements. Check this website regularly to follow our movements.


Annually this school organizes the week before clothing for Christmas holiday special workshops, sponsor activities, a Christmas fair and a clamorous Christmas gala. Every year they put a charity organization in central position and students work active to collect money. This year EDUDELTA College had chosen Nurses on Tour to be their ultimate destination. One long week the students worked hard and active to hand over a spectacular amount.  De students of this College have collected an amazing amount of €4250,-.  Nurses on Tour is able to buy for this money 850 insecticide treated bed nets in Ghana. The committee of foundation Nurses on Tour is thankful and grateful to the whole organization of EDUDELTA College and apparently to all students for their devotion and dedication.


At the same time for `Christian comprehensive school Walcheren´ Christmas is an important item every year and therefore a reason to celebrate. Friday December 19th Nurses on Tour was been invited in the Roman Catholic Church in Middelburg where we took part in this special festivity. Throughout Christmas the birth of Jezus Christ is the leading part, this memorable event was the main theme of that day.
Foundation Nurses on Tour also took leading part during this Christmas festivity. Within our foundation the bed nets is centrally and accordingly in the leading part! Therefore Nurses on Tour had been playing a scene, exactly the same act we play in Ghana during the healthcare education. In this particular case we did this act in order to draw the attention to the students of de CSW for the important use of a bed net in Africa. After this Christmas activities the students collected funds. Many students supported the malaria projects in Ghana with money. The members of foundation Nurses on Tour is once again enormously thankful and we were touch by this warmhearted action where, in fact, children in Zeeland try to help the poorest children in Africa where they can.