The Nurses on Tour Foundation is getting more and more publicity and attention. Moreover, the projects in Ghana are developing and growing more complex.

The foundation board members, three nursing alumni from the University of Applied Science (Hogeschool Zeeland), is looking for reinforcement.

Reinforcement in the Netherlands but also reinforcement in Ghana!


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Coordinator malaria project in Ghana (m/v)

Employee malaria project: “Stop Malaria, Save a Child”


Nurses on Tour arose from an internship of four students of bachelor of Nursing from the University of Applied Science. During a practical internship at the regional Bolgatanga hospital in the north of Ghana, we came face to face with one of world’s biggest health problems namely malaria. In collaboration with the Meet Africa foundation in Bolgatanga and the local Red Cross Society we started up a project to fight malaria. This project that we developed includes providing health education about malaria and the distribution of insecticide-treated bed nets (ITNs) to pregnant women and children below the age of five. To accomplish this program we look for most remote villages where healthcare facilities are rare or not available at all.
This program performed by volunteers from the local Ghanaian inhabitants currently needs the support and encouraging of volunteers from the Netherlands/Belgium. Coordination, organisation and providing structure are because of that reason significant factors for this vacancy. 


Job description:

As coordinator of the malaria projects of the Nurses on Tour foundation, you are responsible for the coordination of the distribution of insecticide-treated bed nets in remote villages in the north of Ghana. Besides the distribution is the health education in this villages an enormously crucial element. Furthermore, it is important to build up a network with other non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and healthcare authorities for developing of an inter institutional cooperation programme
Capacity building is an other major activity for the coordinator. Moreover, take care of education for local volunteers of the Red Cross society, organization of evaluation- and monitoring moments and the construction of a systematic structure for out-reach programs in order to build up empowerment, are very important tasks for the coordinator.


Specific activities which can be done by volunteers in Ghana:

  • Selecting communities/villages and new districts where the Nurses on Tour foundation can establish malaria programs
  •  Maintain the contact with the local Red Cross Society and the Ghana Health Service 
  • Buying insecticide-treated bed nets (through Ghana Health Service of other extern supplier) whenever the provision is running out.
  • Preliminary investigation (zero measurement) for knowledge about malaria in remote villages.
  • Distribution program with healthcare education about malaria.
  • Administrative activities like registration of women and children who received an insecticide-treated bed net and financial administration.
  • Monitoring and evaluation research in the villages who received preventive intervention programs of the Nurses on Tour foundation.


  • Enthusiast,  initiative and spontaneous
  • Minimum availability of three months
  • Accurate knowledge and skills in organisation and independent.
  • Ability to provide education for large groups
  • At least intermediate level of English
  • The adaptability to work with local manners and morals
  • High level of persistence
  • Willing to work as a volunteer in a third world country.

 What can we offer:

An unforgettable internship or voluntary job in welcoming Ghana where you can learn from the local culture. Being part of the process to obtain the millennium development goals.
Stimulate and facilitate contact, knowledge, understanding, and friendship between people of different cultural backgrounds so that mutual misunderstanding, prejudice and discrimination can be cut across.
Interests in other cultures and the wish to go abroad and discover more of the African way of living can come through.


More information?
Mail to or make a phone call to our secretary Lisette Pleijte: +316-15400006